Wildflower Bloom Personalized Dog Tag

Product Details:

• Personalization Available (See Below)
• Print on both sides
• Material: white coated solid metal
• Size: 1″ round
• Metal clip included

  • 1"
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Forget the boring old tags that jingle like a forgotten dream. Your pup deserves more! The Wildflower Bloom Personalized Dog Tag is a statement piece for your furry best friend, letting their personality shine brighter than a golden retriever on a beach day.

This ain’t your average dog ID tag. Here’s the pawsome scoop: it’s custom-designed, letting your pup’s unique personality bloom. Picture other pups turning green with envy (well, maybe not literally green, but definitely jealous) at your fur baby’s pawsome style.

Built for adventure (and the occasional snag), this tag is crafted from tough, white-coated metal. Running through bushes? Sniffing out squirrels in the woods? No problem! These personalized dog collar tags can handle it.

Plus, double the fun means double the info! Print cool designs or funny messages on both sides. One side for your pup’s name, the other for your contact information – because safety first, but looking good is a close second, right?

Lost pups happen, it’s a fact of life. But with a clear, personalized dog tag, the chances of a happy reunion are way higher. Most states require a pet ID tag by law, and this Wildflower Bloom tag fits the bill perfectly.

Ditch the boring and embrace the blooming awesome! The Wildflower Bloom Personalized Dog Tag is the perfect gift for dogs (and their humans who worry a little too much – we’ve all been there!). Get yours today and let your pup’s wild side (and important contact info) shine bright!

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