Boho Rainbow Personalized Pet Tag

Product Details:

• Personalization Available (See Below)
• Print on both sides
• Material: white coated solid metal
• Size: 1″ round
• Metal clip included

  • 1"
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Unleash the groovy vibes with the Boho Rainbow Personalized Pet Tag! Ditch the boring and let your furry friend’s inner flower child shine! This ain’t your average ID tag, it’s a vibrant statement piece that complements any adventurous pup or cool cat’s unique style.

Forget generic tags. This customizable gem lets you personalize both sides with your pet’s name, a fun message, or maybe even a tiny paw print (we won’t judge!). Whether your dog loves to explore hidden trails or your cat enjoys mastering the art of the midnight escape, don’t worry about flimsy plastic here! This tag is crafted from strong, white-coated metal, built to withstand any playful adventure (or wardrobe malfunction).

Show off your pet’s name on one side and keep your contact details on the other. Because safety is key, but looking groovy is pretty darn important too, right? Lost pets happen, it’s a fact of life. But with a clear, personalized tag, the chances of a tearful reunion are way higher. Plus, in most states, a pet ID tag is required by law, and this Boho Rainbow tag checks all the boxes.

So ditch the boring and embrace the colorful vibes! The Boho Rainbow Personalized Pet Tag is the purrfect gift for any dog or cat lover (or, let’s be honest, for spoiling your own furry best friend rotten!). Get yours today and let your pet’s personality shine bright (alongside those dazzling rainbow colors)!

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