Border Collie Personalized Dog Tag

Product Details:

• Personalization Available (See Below)
• Print on both sides
• Material: white coated solid metal
• Size: 1″ round
• Metal clip included

  • 1"
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Is your Border Collie’s collar as brilliant as they are? It’s time to ditch the boring old tag and unleash their genius with a Personalized Dog Tag made just for them!

These working pups deserve the best, and this tag goes above and beyond the call of duty. Made from solid metal, both the tag and the clip can handle all your Border Collie’s adventures, from chasing frisbees to outsmarting squirrels. No more flimsy plastic getting caught on branches – this tag is as tough as your pup’s work ethic.

But this tag is more than just tough. It’s also endlessly customizable! Think of it as a blank canvas for your Border Collie’s unique personality. Slap their name on one side and your contact information on the other, or get creative! Maybe a fun design that shows off their mesmerizing eyes, a quote about their endless energy, or a picture of their favorite ball – the possibilities are endless!

Let’s face it, Border Collies are escape artists at heart. This tag ensures they can be easily identified and returned to you if they ever decide to herd some sheep in the next county. It’s a stylish accessory that keeps your precious pup safe – a win-win for any dog owner!

This tag is more than just a way to identify your furry friend; it’s a way to celebrate their unique personality and intelligence. It also makes the perfect gift for any Border Collie lover who wants to show off their pup’s awesomeness. So, don’t let your Border Collie’s collar be a boring reminder of the rules. Get them a tag that reflects their brilliance and keeps them safe! They’ll thank you with a wag of their tail (and maybe a perfectly executed trick, if you’re lucky!).

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