“All Guests Must Be Approved” Doormat

Product Details:

• One size: 24″ × 16″ (61cm x 40.6cm)
• Material: Grade A tufted coir coconut fiber
• Black vinyl backing
• Mainly for outdoor use

  • 24" x 16"
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Attention all dog owners! Looking for a way to show the world who’s truly in charge at your place? Look no further than the “All Guests Must Be Approved by the Dog” doormat! This isn’t your average welcome mat; it’s a hilarious declaration that lets everyone know your furry friend holds the veto power over who gets to cross the threshold.

Made from tough, all-natural coir fiber, this doormat can handle even the most enthusiastic doggy greetings. (Think happy leaps and excited tail wags!) This fancy term for coconut husk is not only super durable, but also great for scraping dirt and debris from paws before your pup tracks it all over the house. Plus, the coir bristles are gentle enough for those sensitive doggy tootsies.

But let’s be real, the real star of the show here is the message. The bold lettering of “All Guests Must Be Approved by the Dog” leaves no room for doubt about your pup’s pawsome authority. It’s a conversation starter guaranteed to get a chuckle out of anyone who visits your home.

The “All Guests Must Be Approved by the Dog” doormat is the perfect pick for any dog lover. It’s durable, easy to clean with a quick shake or sweep, and the natural coir fiber adds a rustic touch that complements any décor. Plus, at 24″ x 16″, it’s the perfect size to catch all the dirt and debris, no matter the paw size.

So, why not add a touch of doggy humor to your doorstep and keep your house clean at the same time? The “All Guests Must Be Approved by the Dog” doormat is the perfect way to show off your love for your furry friend and keep your home a pawsitively clean place.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight N/A
Size Chart

Size Chart

24" x 16"
Width, in 24.02
Height, in 15.98
Thickness, in 0.59