“Thankful” Doormat

Product Details:

• One size: 24″ × 16″ (61cm x 40.6cm)
• Material: Grade A tufted coir coconut fiber
• Black vinyl backing
• Mainly for outdoor use

  • 24" x 16"
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Introducing our “Thankful” Doormat, a personalized way to express gratitude and set a warm tone at your doorstep. This isn’t just any doormat; it’s a message of appreciation, a stylish addition to your home, and a heartfelt welcome to all who cross your threshold.

Our custom “Thankful” doormat provides a unique opportunity to make a statement that reflects your values and appreciation for the simple joys in life. Measuring a generous 24″ x 16″, it offers ample space to convey your message and create an inviting atmosphere for guests, family, and friends. Whether you’re welcoming loved ones, neighbors, or visitors, this doormat ensures they feel the warmth of your gratitude from the moment they arrive.

What makes our “Thankful” Doormat truly special is the choice of materials. Crafted from Grade A tufted coir coconut fiber, it’s not just durable but also eco-friendly, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use. This means your doormat can withstand the elements, whether it’s sunny days or rainy ones, and still preserve its heartfelt message.

To ensure stability and longevity, all our doormats come with a black vinyl backing. This not only keeps the mat securely in place but also ensures it can withstand daily foot traffic without losing its appeal. Your “Thankful” Doormat is designed to be a lasting reminder of gratitude at your home’s entrance.

Whether you’re expressing your own gratitude or looking for a thoughtful gift, our custom “Thankful” Doormat is the perfect choice. With this doormat, you can warmly welcome guests and let them know that your home is a place of gratitude and appreciation.

Make your entrance a celebration of thankfulness and order the “Thankful” Doormat today. It’s not just a mat; it’s an invitation to step into a home filled with appreciation for life’s blessings.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight N/A

24" x 16"

Size Chart

Size Chart

24" x 16"
Width, in 24.02
Height, in 15.98
Thickness, in 0.59